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Primary Headteacher shares her thoughts on the myphizz platform

Here's what Headteacher of Wainstalls School in Halifax, Linda Waugh had to say about using the myphizz app...

“Myphizz is an amazing resource and we thank ex pupil and Paralympian Hannah Cockroft for connecting us with you initially. We’re an active school but post pandemic we were really keen to ensure that the children got back to being active and support their physical and mental wellbeing. It is such a fantastic resource, children can access at home with the support of their families as well as in the classroom. We’ve seen an impact in school as well; children are talking about myphizz, they’re excited when the teachers set the next phizz and it’s really motivating them to keep fit and active whilst challenging each other - because we’re quite competitive here!”

Watch the full interview here:


About myphizz

Built by four teachers, turned entrepreneurs, myphizz is an exciting new platform to support schools in improving the mental and physical wellbeing of pupils.

The app encourages children to engage in a more active, healthier and happier lifestyle, providing the opportunity for them to take part in physical activities that they enjoy and set exciting challenges for one another.

The technology, which runs through secure schools networks and is only visible to school communities, can be accessed via PC, tablets or mobile phones. Teachers have access to a dashboard where they can view pupil activity, determine what is becoming popular and monitor the school growing healthier as a community.

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