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  • Is myphizz a safe online environment?
    Safeguarding is incredibly important to us at myphizz. When a school joins myphizz we set them up as their safe online environment, i.e. no one from outside can access or communicate with pupils.
  • Is myphizz difficult to set up?
    myphizz requires zero effort in terms of set up. Our experienced technical team set up all school access so the platform is available for you to use right away.
  • What about content?
    The myphizz team, along with inspiring role models from the world of sport regularly create phizzes which you can simply direct your pupils to.
  • Can you create your own phizz?
    You can quickly create your own phizz with great speed and ease, that is the beauty of the myphizz platform – it encourages pupils to really get creative with their own challenges.
  • Does myphizz encourage healthy competition?
    At myphizz we believe in healthy competition, once participants enter a phizz a live leader board is automatically populated. Of course, for reasons of self-esteem we don’t want pupils seeing themselves at the bottoms of leader boards so we only display the top 10 entries (while individual participants would know their wider position).
  • Can pupils’ comment on each other’s efforts?
    No, pupils cannot comment on the efforts of others. myphizz promotes positive affirmation, irrespective of ability.
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