"The mental and physical wellbeing of children has never been more crucial."

Adam Gemili,
myphizz Champion and Olympic Sprinter 

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‘Schools and colleges have a vital role to play in inspiring the next generation to lead healthy, active lives and to build resilience.’

Amanda Spielman, OFSTED Chief Inspector


We recognise the importance of physical activity and the significant impact this has on our young people's mental wellbeing.

myphizz ensures that keeping active is not a chore, and encourages young people to share their activity with their friends; allowing them to create followable 'phizzes' to track their progress and

challenge others.

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—  Nathan

"Growing up I was constantly plagued with a sense of loss, my Mum having passed away when I was 6 years old. My Dad’s job meant we moved around a lot - I had no control over where we went, when we moved or how long we stayed… This led to frustration, sadness, and depression. Table tennis came to the rescue — it helped me mentally and emotionally as well as physically.

We stayed in Leicester for nearly 3 years — me and some school friends made a mini league which was competitive but fun. I won our league twice and made sure to keep up the sport wherever we moved; the sense of familiarity was comforting. It kept me anchored and sane in a world where everything from friends to houses were temporary."

—  Nathan



‘How do you make sure that pupils can compete in an enjoyable and inclusive way?’

Amanda Spielman, OFSTED Chief Inspector


Reaching young people in a safe, fun and engaging way which puts them in control is at the heart of myphizz. Helping pupils ‘find their phizz’ means providing them with opportunities to try new activities, develop their skills and experience whatever level of challenge they feel is right for them.

Working with tech developers, educational experts and sporting icons, we have realised a platform which means schools can raise the quality and frequency of physical activity in a sustainable way.

The impact of myphizz is immediately measurable too…

Important, as OFSTED will ‘look, for example, at the range,

quality and take up of extra-curricular activities.’

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